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Feng Shui for Property Buyers in 2016

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Dato’ Joey Yap needs no introduction to the serious followers of Chinese Metaphysics or Feng Shui both locally and abroad. His recent Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar 2016 in Kuala Lumpur was expectedly a crowd puller.

According to Joey Yap, 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey which will see the Fire element being the most dominant this year. The Earth element, on the other hand, will be the least.

Being the least dominant in 2016, Earth element industries will see slow growth this year and that rings true for industries like property and construction among others. Even so, Joey Yap interestingly suggests that 2016 is a good year to buy a house for one’s own stay or for long-term investment. In his own words as reported in the

“If you are a true investor, now is a good time to buy properties as people may be desperate to sell. But do keep in mind, it’s for long-term investment —not speculation”.

He further explains that based on the Chinese astrology, the dominant fire element in 2016 will clash with the metal element of the ringgit which will see it depreciates even further. Hence, it is wiser to accumulate assets rather than keeping cash in the bank at this time.

What Joey Yap explains next should be a convincing assurance that now is the best time to buy property despite its current slow growth. Yap foresees that the property market will show signs of a rebound by end of 2017 as the earth element will dominate in 2018. As another property boom can be expected then, property buyers this year are making a smart move as they can expect good appreciation of their property value even only after a couple of years.

Quadruple the Positive Feng Shui in Your Property Investment.

Besides the right timing for buying properties, it is always a good idea to check if the property you are eyeing on possesses features that attract positive Feng Shui. One of the important elements to observe is the landform features surrounding the property.

Here are four examples of landform features to note among many others:

  • Your home is receiving the flow of positive Qi. Check with a Feng Shui master if your home is receiving positive Qi that flows from a higher ground and comes from the right direction. For example, a positive Qi that flows from East to West happens when there is a higher ground to the East that slopes down to the West towards a property.
  • Your home is receiving Reverse Water Dragon. What it means here is that there is a water flow usually in the form of a river towards your property coming from a mountainous area and it curves away near your property area. Such property is said to be a good location for opening up opportunities for wealth and financial enhancements.
  • Your home is in the vicinity of Military Arts Mountains. One of the best locations for your property is in an area with a rocky mountain surrounding. The Qi from this rocky and sharp mountain is seen to be strong and forceful which helps to enhance the power and the authority aspects of the occupant in a property within the vicinity.
  • Your home is in the vicinity of Three Stages Mountain. This is unique in properties that are in the locality of a three-sloped mountain. Occupants of properties in such a location can expect to retain their wealth for at least three generations. When it comes to property, what can be more ideal than that?

A quote from Joey Yap:-

“Look for properties in the East, South, Southeast and Southwest parts of Kuala Lumpur this year as the Qi flow in 2016 favours properties in those locations. Of course you should still consider investing only in properties with strong brand names and have flawless reputations.”

genKL, a low-density FREEHOLD condominium in Kuchai Lama crafted by CapitaLand and Juta Asia has been built in an area which according to Joey Yap, the official Feng Shui consultant for genKL, has the landform features mentioned earlier:-

  • Positive Qi : A river located at the North of genKL flows in an East to West direction collecting beneficial wealth enhancing Qi.
  • Wealth Star : On the South of genKL, there is a mountain which is known as a Wealth Star in Classical Feng Shui that enhances the wealth aspect of the occupants.
  • Military Arts Mountains : genKL is located at the Head of the Dragon of the mountain range that collects Qi. The flow of Qi from the mountain range stops at the river at the North sector and will thus collect at the Military Arts Mountain where the development is located.

Hence, genKL, is a home that gives you constant flow of Qi and opens up opportunities for wealth and power. Register your interest today at

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